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MAGIC a social entrepreneurial, non-profit organization, MAGIC (Making a Gradual & Important Change) provides numerous programs aimed at assisting students in need of academic assistance and scholastic mentoring. MAGIC will wholeheartedly strive towards the address of all student-based academic needs within Collier County.

Our Mission

Utilizing a unique, technological approach to peer tutoring and scholastic mentoring, MAGIC strives to address the educational needs of students across the globe regardless of their age, ethnicity, or gender...(Click on the tab "Our Mission" to continue reading)


"As a tutor, I have learned about how much of an impact my tutoring has on my fellow peers" ~ Ms. Kimberly Nguyen.....(Click on the tab "Testimonials" to continue reading)


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“I want to offer my sincere gratitude for your visit to our site. MAGIC strives to help students across the globe with its unique, technological approach to educational-based activities..." ~ Mr. Craig McCray, CEO..(Click on the tab "Founder" to continue reading)